Portrait of Photographer

My Mission

Our world is beautiful and full of wonders, and it is my job and calling to recognize and capture that splendor in such a way that the viewing audience would also be enchanted and drawn to the image. My photographs bring positive emotions and allow the viewer to relish in past events, as well as imagine new ones. My aspiration is to become an example of doing business with the highest level of veracity; good communication is one of the key tools that help me achieve this end, that’s why I’m always available to take your call or answer an email during normal hours of operation. My success is measured when past clients become my best representatives; the many stories of clients who were well satisfied in the past are my tribute and key motivation to strive to do better. I use tried and true as well as modern methods and techniques, combined with state of the art equipment, in order to provide you with the best service possible. I believe that any job done properly must be done with both honor and a sense of pride. I personally will not allow anything less from myself or any of my assistants and sincerely hope this reflects in my work. I hope you enjoy seeing the work that I have done and look forward to collaborating with you soon!


Phone: 718-450-2519
Email: jadelphotography@gmail.com